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Fall Photography Nature Walk with SaskOutdoors

at Beaver Creek Conservation Area

photography tips

  • ANGLE – When you have found something you want to photograph, try standing, squatting, and laying. Move around! It is easy to take a photo standing up, but by changing your angle, you might get a new, exciting shot. Squatting down, or even laying down on the ground can give you a new perspective on a place or thing. Just make sure you scope out where you’re about to lay down, don’t squish too many plants and avoid ant hills!
  • LIGHTING – Where is the sun? Think about how you want your subject to look. Are you wanting your photos backlit, or the sun shining on your subject? Backlighting for fall foliage makes the colors pop.
  • F-STOPS – By having a higher f-stop (smaller number lets in more light; it is an inverse relationship and sometimes confusing!) we will get a shallower depth of field (less of the scene in focus). The blurry background is called bokeh! If you have a higher f-stop (smaller number), you may have to adjust your shutter speed (make it faster).
  • IN-CAMERA CROPPING – Sometimes taking a bit more time to compose a photo is a good thing! Figure out how to use the autofocus with your camera, and take time to get your subject where you want it in the ‘frame’. This will help save time when editing.
  • ISO – When being outdoors, there are many things we don’t have control over! Specifically, the wind: on a windy day our subject might be moving! This movement can make it difficult to get an in-focus photo. By having a higher ISO we will be able to snap that photo faster (shutter speed is faster) and possibly get the photo we are hoping for.
  • FOCUS – Aim through leaves onto something in the distance to recreate the scene or change how it appears artistically. Find something unique: is there a plant growing out of the sand, or a flower blooming where you wouldn’t expect it? Try getting as close to a subject as you can for a different view.
  • TURN AROUND – When hiking, make sure you turn around once in a while! If you hike a looping trail, you might be missing out on an amazing view from the other direction. You never know what amazing photo is waiting to be taken from a different perspective.


safety tips when hiking

  • Bring water and a snack
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you plan on returning
  • Bring a cellphone with if you have one
  • Educate yourself on the local animals: are there bears, cougars, etc?
  • Educate yourself on the local plants: is there poison ivy in the area? What is blooming right now?
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: are you about to kneel on an ant hill?
  • Wear good shoes and long pants when going out into the woods, you never know what you might be allergic to!


plant identification at beaver creek conservation area

purple prairie clover

skeleton weed

little bluestem grass


many-flowered aster

prairie coneflower

blue grama grass

red osier dogwood

hairy golden aster

dotted blazing star

wild licorice


smooth aster


poison ivy

high bush cranberry